Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No Joke, It is WINDY Today!

So we walked to the library today..... that's right, the kids are walking!!!

HAHA April Fool's!!! Why walk when you have Mommy to push you around. Actually the wind pushed us most of the way. We have a wind advisory for up to 40 MPH today.

It was warm this morning, temps are supposed to start falling around noon, so we headed up to get more bedtime story books and to register for our Thursday morning story class. We skipped last session because of Nolan's surgery and me not wanting to drag them out in the middle of winter.

This morning Nolan looked up the stairs and I swear he said "Where's Daddy?" He "says" a lot of things that sound like actual words. He was "talking" to Aunt Deb yesterday about our swimming class and she said swim to him and he said it back. He also seemed to repeat the REALLY bad (yes, the F--- word) when Mommy dropped the top of her steaming hot tea pot on her thigh this morning. I was not quite awake since I had another vomiting cat incident in the night.....this time it was Jeepster. Luckily it was only once, but it was enough to wake me from my sound sleep and then I couldn't go back. I was rolling around that bed like a pig in a blanket. I learned that our mattress sucks and it has two distinct sleep spots with a very high spot in the middle. Guess we should turn it more often!

Saying Hi to Daddy this morning

Watching water blow in the puddles

putting their heads together to scheme

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