Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Outta The Park

Bill particiapted in the 3rd annual Greater Cleveland Chili Cookoff for Austim at The Jake (aka Progressive Field) Tuesday night.

This event was a grass roots effort that started through the food forum that Bill and I enjoy posting on. Bill has entered his barracho (drunken beans) each year. The first year he got an honorable mention for creative toppings. Last year, he won 2nd place- amateur.

The kids and I went down to the cookoff early. Bill made them "20 Mule Team Barracho" shirts and it was good exposure to a crowd since they will need to get ready for their birthday party very soon! They got to meet some people from the food forum and some chefs that "know" them just through our posts. It was a nice chance to personally thank these folks for their thoughts and prayers when Nolan was in the hospital. The kids enjoyed eating dinner in the terrace club. No, not chili! If only they could have gotten out of the stroller and touched all the windows!

The kids and I left early so I could keep them on their normal nighttime schedule (dinner 5p, bottles 6:30, bed 7:30p---hey, it is what works right now for us) so I didn't get to stick around for the results, but I was there when he was dishing barracho for the judges.

This year he changed the recipe a bit (if I tell you what he did, he'll have to kill me! LOL) When I tasted it, I knew he had a winner. It was excellent. I'm not a huge bean fan and I asked for a 2nd helping. He served it with my corn pudding and cilantro crema.

Around 9pm, I got this text message from Bill "make room for two trophies" Woo hoo!!!

1st place amateur and first place amateur non-traditional chili. The first place amateur trophy is SO beautiful. It deserves a place on display for sure.

The kids and I are so proud of Daddy!

This is why Daddy cooks and doesn't take the pictures :)