Monday, April 7, 2008

Nolan's Next Surgery

We met with Nolan's ENT today to discuss the removal of the "cyst" on his neck. The reason I put cyst in quotes is because the doctor is still not convinced it is a branchial cleft cyst. He thinks it is an accessory ear. That is right, an ear bud that never formed. It would actually be better for Nolan if that is what it is because it wouldn't go down as deep and removal would be much easier. If all goes according to plan he will pop it out and close the incision with glue or stitches.Without complications or the need for a drain, this should be outpatient, but an overnight stay for observation could be necessary. Nolan will have a small scar, but chics dig scars, right? It won't even come close to the big one in his head! Anyway, June 4th is the day, so do whatever you do to keep him in thought and prayer then.

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