Saturday, April 19, 2008

What A Rush!

I went to my first "Nearly New Kids Sale" this morning. I paid the $2 admission to go early bird and I was 5th in line. Not too shabby for being up until 2am with Reagan (no idea why she decided it was a good idea to get up at midnight and be fussy.) The ladies in front of me were discussing their POA (plan of attack for those not in the know). There I stood with my McDonalds Iced Vanilla Coffee (yes, I know how many calories are in it, but I still have to have it) and no plan. I even left my list at home. Bill was nice enough to text it, without me asking. I'm sure his hope was that I'd actually stick to the list. Yeah, that didn't happen for the most part. At promptly 8am, the doors flew open and all of us with an orange dot were allowed in. My eyes scanned the tables in a panic. What was I there for? What is proper nearly-new sale etiquette? I emailed my friend and fellow nearly-new saler, Lori, yesterday to ask a few questions and she suggested I bring small bills. I had a few of those, but I had to hit the ATM this morning so I guess I could only buy high buck items! LOL Scanning the tables and briskly walking at the same time I see it, towering above all the rest of the stuff,my first purchase. A steal at $10. I pay and ask if she can hold it behind her table. See, I'm using my noodle. I can't lug this basketball hoop around and expect to be able to get close to any of other other tables. Next up, a ball pit. If you recall last spring the twins were 1 week old when the Moms Of Muliples had their semi-annual sale. I made a list of practical things we needed (since I had already gotten all the nonpractical items a first time mom thinks she must have) and sent Bill on his way. He came home with a ball pit and a remote controlled tank. This ball pit is different though, it is a car! How could I pass that up for $6. My other purchases were more practical. Play clothes ($.50-1.00), a fall play coat for Reagan ($3), brand new winter boots for Nolan (.50) and, oh yeah, a sit and spin. I was giddy. Could have been the caffeine or just the rush of a good deal. My head was spinning, I was out of small bills, and had more than I could carry (thanks Lori!). It was time to leave. As I headed to the grocery store I could only think where and when the next sale will be!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited that I made the blog! :) What did Daddy think of your bargains??


Elsha said...

sounds like a good time was had by all :)

You got some good loot!

Did you get my email????