Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2 Birthdays and an Anniversary

Before I get burned at the stake, I better get the pictures of Bill & Mike's birthdays and Abby Normal's 10th anniversary up.
It was a super fun night. Abby Normal hasn't played at Cebars in a couple of years, Bill and I haven't been out in almost as long (kidding, but it seems like it!), and the stars aligned and most of the gang was able to make it out to enjoy the night. Fun times.
The birthday boys, Mike & Bill. I'm especially happy of this picture of Dean. Considering it was taken late in the night after many visits with the Cpt. (Morgan--me, not Dean.)
Under a table, for old times sake. Just for you, Chop :-) BBAAAAAAA! Hard to believe we've known each for as long as we you thought I was going to give a number! HA.
Kathy....being Kathy!
More photos here.

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