Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Rest Of The Story

So the Santa disaster wasn't the only bit of fun we had at the mall the other day.
We also rode the train.
Nolan was in all his glory. He would have gone round and round all day. He and Reagan were in the front car and after the first lap all seemed well, until Reagan spied me outside the tracks taking pictures. I saw her throw her head back, open her mouth and I knew what was coming. As the train rounded the corner and out of my sight she let the wail loose. I hate to laugh at either of my children when they cry, but this was just too funny. She would calm down, only to start the whole thing over again as she rounded the corner and would see me. At least the ride was only 4 laps!
Gearing up for the scream......wait for it.....
there you go


Elsha said...

Sorry Shel, I had to giggle.... just the thought of her screaming...then calming, probably thinking "This ride is quite fun" then "ooops there's Mum" *SCREAM*

Kids are funny arn't they!

They looked so cute in their Chrissy outfits!

shel said...

Giggle away. I was laughing right along with everyone else that was walking and watching her!