Monday, December 1, 2008

Lots of Visits

Phew.... After making a fairly quick recovery from the stomach flu, we jumped right back in the saddle of cooking and entertaining.
Thursday, Bill did most of the cooking for Thanksgiving. Everything was SO good. As Rachel Ray says, YUM-O! The turkey was smoked, the potatoes were whippy (thanks to my mom!), and the dessert was decadent (thanks to Deb!) The kids had a good time reading their new books from Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb (read me, read me, read me) and Nolan enjoyed each bite of dinner. He followed every one with a loud groan of satisfaction.
Reading Grannies! It's always upside down. She is such a smart kid, but the book is always the wrong way!
Aunt Deb taking her turn.
Wait a minute, Uncle Sam I've got to see what is happening on The Backyardigans.
Such a big boy!
Friday I got up with the kids and then Daddy took over so I could head out for Black Friday shopping. I've never done that and all in all, it wasn't bad. I actually got everything I set out to get and I didn't hit the first store until almost 8:30am! The lines were interesting, but a little chit-chatting with the linemates made it go quickly. In the evening, Aunt Jane, Carl, and Grandma Pchak headed over for a visit and dinner at, where else, Trader Jack's. The kids enjoyed having another person around to read to them and the whole family got to partake in our bedtime ritual of singing Twinkle, Twinkle while waving glow in the dark stars.
Found the summer stuff in the closet.
Aunt Jane, read me! Nolan was more interested in Grandma's purse. Saturday was the big high school drama club "reunion" I had been looking forward to. What started on facebook as a conversation over an old photo ended up as a very nice evening of catching up with old friends. Some I haven't seen in almost 20 (gasp) years. It was so interesting to see where everyone is (in life) these days. It went too fast and I feel like I didn't get to really spend quality time with everyone, but that is the way these things go. I hope it is not another 20 years before I see these people again (some of them are regulars in my life so I don't have to worry about them!)
RIght before everyone came new favorite shot of the boy.
The gang. Sunday was a low-key day for me in that I was not throwing a party, but attending one. My cousins new daughter was christened. She is a peanut. Nolan doesn't seem to pay much attention to her, but as soon as my mom or I held her, Reagan wanted "uppie, uppie, uppie, uppie." Guess Reagan is not sibling material right now!
Well, that catches us up..... and no, I wasn't spending lots of time on facebook. I was designing Christmas cards and photo gifts for certain family members that took a huge hunk of time over the past couple of days.
I'm heading to bed to enjoy this thunder snow that is happening outside my window. I really love living right on the lake. So many wacky weather phenomenons.

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