Sunday, December 28, 2008


It has been a haze of wrapping paper, illness (all 4 of us at one point or another), visiting with family and friends, and fulfilling my wrapping paper obsession with some post-Christmas shopping. I got an amazing camera from Santa, so look for even better pictures soon.....once I figure out how to work it! Christmas Eve-Nolan & Timmy. Hanging out under the table. Like mother, like son. Nolan tried to make his way past Sadie to open her gifts. At least he was polite about it and said, "Excuse me, baby." Christmas morning, Nolan didn't like the tape being "stuck" to him. Ripping into the gifts! Christmas morning, playing at the new kitchen. Cat-zilla. Just look at the carnage. Reagan giving smooches in exchange for ice cream. Nolan loves to "doodle." Poor puffy sinus girl, doesn't even look like my sweetie. Future members of the Detroit Lean. Ha! I wish they could help! Reagan excited about her new video. Unwrapping Daddy's gift. What the day is all, friends, neighbors...... and food!

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