Saturday, December 13, 2008

Over Gumdrop Mountain And Through Lollipop Forest

How many of you remember playing Candyland as a child or with your own children? I'm betting everyone's hand is in the air, right? I loved Candyland when I was a kid. I wanted to jump into the board game and float on a creamsicle and lick lollipops in the molasses swamp.
Hmm....maybe this explains my fascination with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Anyway, Grammy, Aunt Deb, and I took the kids to the annual Candyland holiday display at our local Metroparks. Can I just say again how awesome the Metroparks system is in our area! The kids love their story programs and now this. Reagan insisted on wearing her "packpack" It was OK, because for the first time in 19months, I didn't have to hold everything, she carried a lot of stuff for me! On the way in with Grammy. I wish I could have caught the wonder in their eyes when they first walked in.
Nolan and Aunt Deb talking about the fact that those are not real candy canes.
Nolan had to touch E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Even tried to taste some of it. Reagan ran laps around the place. Pointing to things and saying what they were, even telling other kids along the way about the ice cream cones and suckers.
hmmm...just a little touch here..... oh boy (his newest favorite saying) a heart! this glass ornament sure is pretty! Reagan ran laps in the ice cream floats,while Nolan tried to get in the ice cream floats!
Gotta take one of me every once in a while, just to prove I'm there!
trying to take off with a lollipop After the trip around Candyland, we played in the other areas of the nature center with a train table, phone, and fake food. Santa made a good call in letting me know he got the kids a train table. Nolan sat and played nicely for a long time while Reagan made two boys (older than her) cry by taking away their train cars. She is such a bully strong-willed child. It is something we work on everyday. At least as she rips something from Nolan's hand, she now yells "share, share, share" and then "thank you." Although he finely turned it around today in the bathtub and did the "share, share, share" routine with her..... and won. A small victory for the boy.
Talking over the days events.
We even saw some well camouflaged wildlife.

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