Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just In Case There Was A Doubt......

Nolan does not like Santa! Breakfast with Santa might as well have been breakfast with Satan. Ignore the bags under my eyes, I'm sick (again) and not sleeping well. The toy making was fun. We hammered, drilled, painted, and glittered a cat for Reagan and a plane for Nolan. We also saw two new calves in the dairy barn. Reagan was mooing. Spruce 2 weeks old Daddy learned how much fun train tables are. I think Nolan will have to fight Daddy and Uncle Sam for the train table on Christmas day. choo-choo We've done lots of other stuff, but my computer has issues typing the letters "n, b, the question mark and the space." Cutting and pasting each of those takes a long time, so I'm not able to type quickly anymore :-(

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Falcon said...

You did make it to the Farmpark. We got some good photos with the Kids and had a terrific time with them.
Uncle Ed