Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What They Have Been Up To......

Reagan and Nolan have been doing some pretty funny stuff lately, and stuff that is pretty advanced for 19 month olds in my opinion. (I haven't consulted with Dr. Spock yet though.) Reagan is very repetitive. She says the same things every time we drive by certain things. She yells GEESE when we drive by the school because in warmer weather that is where the geese congregate. When we get to the river she yells BOATS and now that winter is here, she adds, NIGHT-NIGHT and COVERED UP because once I told her the boats were out of the water so they could go to sleep for the winter. Nolan loves to sing. After hearing a tune a couple of times he will try to recreate it. He knows Twinkle, Twinkle and for the words he can't get out he just mumbles to the tune. He also tries Itsy Bitsy, The Backyardigans theme song, Old MacDonald, and many others. I was getting him dressed this morning and I asked him to sing me a song. I thought for sure it was going to be Twinkle, Twinkle instead he made up a song about Cookies. Cookies, cookies, cookies,mmmm. They both have gone through phases of being obsessed with certain books. Nolan could not get enough of The Very Hugry Caterpillar a couple of weeks ago. Reagan's current fave is The Three Bears. We have to read it every night. This morning she brought it down to breakfast and read it while eating. She was saying Papa Bear, baby, chair, bed as she turned the pages. Now that the Christmas tree has gone up, this has opened a whole new world of opportunity for Reagan and Nolan to do things they shouldn't do. We had to put the Berlin Wall around the tree, but they can still just barely reach it so we've undecorated the parts they can reach....or so I thought. This morning I looked over and there was Nolan with a long line of garland being taken off the tree. I asked him what he was doing and he quickly tried to throw it back over the gate and shove it on the tree. His answer to me was "I see you." Reagan responded "Time out." Guess they get the connection of what is wrong and what will land them in time out. Not that it matters! We also acquired the Elf On A Shelf this year and have had a good time sending him off to the North Pole to chat with Santa every night and then put him in a different spot every morning. Somedays they look for him on their own and others I ask them where he is. So far, they have found him every morning, and yell ELF, ELF, ELF when they see him. Last night the kids were watching The Backyardigans (surprise!) and when Nolan turned around from the TV to go sit in his rocking chair, it was over turned (thanks to Reagan) and he looked at me and said "What happened?" His other favorite thing to say is "Why?" or "Oh Boy." Reagan is very good with directions and knows the routes to our usual spots, like the Y. Yesterday morning we were going to BJ's which is just beyond the Y and she got very upset that we were not going swimming. I explained to her that we had swimming class that night and would be coming back after she napped and had dinner. I was sure she was going to forget and as the day went on and got colder we decided not to go. Well, Reagan didn't know that and as soon as she sat down to eat dinner she looked at me and said "Swimming?" I guess if I'm going to make promises I must keep them because my 19 month old is going to hold me to it. Bill has a memory of an elephant so I guess she gets it from him. I just wasn't sure that was entirely normal for a 19 month old?!?

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Anonymous said...

Amen Sister.

Once they get to 1.5 years old or more, make sure you are able to keep your promises - or be careful how you word things! They remember every single word!
- Cat