Saturday, December 20, 2008


Every Saturday before Christmas Bill and Sam head to the range, which is followed by lunch at Stevenson's, and then an afternoon of drinking. The "rule" is they can't leave the bar until it is dark (which these days is about 4pm!) A few years back Deb and I were allowed to join in, and last year marked the first year that the babies got to partake. 2007-Reagan 2007 Nolan In 2006 Deb and I started our own tradition of enjoying a Stevenson's milkshake. Made on one of those old-fashioned stick mixers. It was so good. The babies made me do it that year, I was out of the first trimester and ready for cravings! Last year I figured the babies needed a taste of the milkshake their Mommy craved so Deb and I got them again. We WOULD have gotten them again today, had the mixer not been broken!! Reagan sharing her grilled cheese with Daddy. Now I sit here, while Bill and Sam are enjoying their afternoon at the bar and all I am doing is craving a stupid milkshake! So much for tradition. Bah-humbug!

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