Monday, July 14, 2008


We headed to the Farm Park on Saturday morning for Breakfast With Old MacDonald. Ironically, as we were checking in, Old Mac was standing at the desk and when he heard our last name, he asked if we were related to Larry. Yep. Sure. That is Bill's cousin. Turns old Old Mac and Larry used to play together as kids (Bill adds: "you'd think that, for the money, we'd have breakfast with New MacDonald").

Old MacDonald AKA Bill Keener

We had breakfast in the cafe while Old MacDonald played his guitar and we did sing-a-longs. After breakfast, we loaded onto the wagon and took a tour of the farm park.

We explored a little on our own after the program was over. These kids got close to our kids. I call the one on the left "goatweiller". I've never seen a goat with markings so similar to a rot.

One tried to eat the bow off of Reagan's pants. She told him NO.

Nolan also gave his best cock-a-doodle-do when we walked by the hen house. He also enjoyed the sheep.

Sunday morning, we hit our usual spot for breakfast and then Reagan and I went to visit Grammy. She missed yesterdays visit after the farmpark since she was snoozing in the car with Daddy. She wore her new backpack (thanks to the Target $1 aisle!) and then proceeded to pull out her toys one by one and name them. Bee, ball, car. Everyone was very impressed.

Bill has figured out some of Nolan-speak. "What's that?" He says it all the time. He will walk up and hold up an object and say "wasat?" He must just be testing us to see if we know! LOL.
This is Nolan's newest favorite, red currants.

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