Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mom's Surgery

All the pre-surgery stuff went well and mom was on her way into the OR by 8:05am. Her friend, Rose, (if you went to TJ, she was a noon aide when my mom was there) is having a knee replacement today and they were side by side. They requested to share a room after surgery and several of the nurses mentioned that they were made aware that friends were having surgery on the same day and they were working to make that happen. That would be great if it worked out. Surgery should take about 3 hours, so I'll check in here when I can. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. My mom wasn't (outwardly) the nervous wreck she usually is!

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Nancy Heller said...

I'm glad your mom is finally relieving her pain! All our thoughts and prayers are with you and her. Keep us posted.