Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wet & Wild

We met Lori, Sarah, & Matt at the spray park today. Spray parks are a blast (literally & figuratively). This one is fenced in so it was so nice to let Reagan and Nolan run free.
Reagan can say "BALL" so she made it clear what she was playing with. She also ran around with her tongue out so she could catch some water.

The have no fear of the water and had a great time. Nolan seemed to be signing the word "more" as he ran around all the water jets. I'm so glad we got them in the water at a young age.

Running around the spray park was hard work so the kids fell asleep on the way to visit Grammy.

Later in the evening we walked to the library. The kids need to get used to holding our hand when we walk near busy roads so it was a slow go. While we were there we saw one of my former co-workers from back in my library days. She was talking to Reagan and she told her that she hoped she liked coming to the library. Reagan answered her (no prompting from me) " I like coming." The librarian looked at me and said "Well that is some vocabulary for a 14 month old." My daughter, the linguist.

Nolan's appointment on Wednesday was kind of a let down. We waiting for the doctor for 20 minutes and he spent probably 90 seconds in the room with us. Shook our hands, looked at Nolan and said "I give him a 10!"

At this point, 6 months post-op, he usually orders a CT scan if there is any cause for concern. He doens't feel the need for one, unless we do. The less radiation he is exposed to the better. I already feel guilty about the scan he had in November. We have to see him again in 6 months. I sense it will be more of the same. All in all, good news, but we already knew he was doing so well. When I took him in June for his neck surgery, they couldn't believe that the little guy had his skull cracked open just 5 months before. There is no sign of a scar.

On tap for the weekend: Airshow, Breakfast with Old MacDonald, seeing Aunt Jane, (hopefully) more spray park!

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Anonymous said...

I was just wanting to say I love your blog. I am so glad to hear how well your son is doing! I have been a long time "lurker" found your blog the day of Nolan's surgery and have been praying for him, you and your family. I later found you are from Ohio, I am too, about an hour south. I was just wondering where the Spray Park is I think my children would get a kick out of it! email me if you could Just4not5 "AT" hotmail "dot" com
Heart From Ohio