Thursday, July 3, 2008

Let The 4th of July Festivities Begin

Here are the outfits the kids are wearing today. We were supposed to go to a party tonight in Chardon where you could see the fireworks from our friends front yard, but we found out that just got postponed :( Guess we will just go out to dinner instead and find other fireworks.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Chris sent these up for Reagan and Nolan. Good thing since we decided to not get the Old Navy tee's this year!

Nolan loves the silly fork from his BBQ grill. Like father.....Like son. I have noticed in the last week that he is changing his look. I think he looks more like Bill now. I always thought he looked just like me. Poor kid ;-)

Reagan liked her new shirt a lot. So much so that it made her do her little foot-stomping dance.

Thanks G.U.B. & G.A.C!

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