Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Friday we went to the West Side Market and stopped for lunch at Great Lakes Brewery. While they still excel at making beer, the food and service sucked. The hostess was the rudest person I have come across in a while and our server, while nice, was ineffective. I literally had to stand up and wave at her to get her attention. I don't like to do that, but desperate times, you know. The way I figure, they have become kind of like the Hard Rock. Everyone comes for the shtick and will tolerate mediocore food and service to get to eat at the brewery. Forget trying to go there if you are looking for otherwise.

At least there were cloth napkins. Those occupy Reagan and Nolan for hours several minutes and allowed for a good photo op!

Her eyes look violet.....and that hair! Who would have thought Bill and I would have a child with hair this color.

Friday night Uncle John, Nonny & Grandpa Fred came over for dinner. As usual, the kids had a blast with John. They were fast asleep by the time Nonny & Grandpa got there. Must have been all that running around with Uncle John.

Saturday we headed to the Geauga Farmers Market and then later in the day the kids and I headed to Grammy's to have dinner on her patio. Daddy had a much deserved night out. He "worked" at a Zin tasting and then hit Bar Cento for a nightcap.

Reagan and Nolan enjoy playing with things that aren't toys on Grammy's patio (see Nolan having a blast in the background, that is actually an end table turned on its side-minus the glass top) and in the tighest spots (under the table.)

By the way, the pickles are tasting awesome! I've decided it is cheaper to buy pickles in the store, but I like knowing what is in them so I just might go ahead and invest in some canning supplies.

Holy hell, I've turned into my Granny Pike. She sewed, she gardened, she cooked, and she canned. She was an all around awesome lady and I'd give anything to have another day with her and for her to meet Reagan and Nolan. Not a bad thing to be that is for sure!

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