Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Nine O'Clock On A Saturday

and no, I'm not making love to a tonic and gin..... I'm making pickles!!! (Come on, admit it, after you read the title you sang the next line, didn't you?)

Oh my domestic gods, what has happened to me?!?!?! I've spent the last 3 days sewing TWO celtic costumes for the medieval faire for TOMORROW and now I'm making homemade pickles.

We went to the Geauga Farmers Market this morning and I saw some cukes that looked ripe for the pickling, so I snatched them up. We also got some awesome garlic from Herbthyme and I happened to have pickling spice on hand since I won a whole basket of spices from Spicehound several months back. Voila. Pickles.

Things got really crazy when I decided to deviate from chips and do some spears too!

bubble, bubble

I'll let you know how they are in about a week. I've got a costume to finish.


Anonymous said...

I hope the pickles turn out. I really do love a good pickle. Had some fried pickles tonight they were so good!
Heart from "a bit south" LOL

Elsha said...

When I grow up Shell, I wanna be just like you! hahaha

Although, (and don't repeat this to anyone cos I will just deny it) I have used my crockpot (alot).

There, I said it :)

shel said...

Fried pickles are SO good! There is a restaurant near us that puts them on their diner tasty.

Nothing wrong with crockpot cooking!!! If you have a roomba and a dishwasher, its almost like having a maid/cook at your house while you are working!