Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Update (Medical and Otherwise)

My mom is doing really well at rehab. She walked several feet yesterday (with the assistance of a walker), but she is up and moving. She joked yesterday that she wasn't going home since she liked being waited on for meals and such, but I know she can't wait to get back to her own house and bed. Although the kids visited yesterday and they really liked Grammy's bed since they could wrestle around and not fall out because of the railing.

Nolan's final appointment at the ENT went well yesterday. We don't need to go back unless we feel there is something to be seen about. We have to be careful to apply sunscreen to the scar area over the next couple of years so it doesn't develop a darker pigment. The hope is that it will just blend in with the lines on his neck and become invisible. One more appt tomorrow and we are off the hook! I know Nolan is not going to like getting the after pictures taken since they make him lie down and hold his head still, but we need the after shots.
Nolan is beginning to speak a little more also. Guess he figures Reagan does enough of that for both of them so why should he exert the energy. He does like Sesame Street and really likes the Elmo segment (who wouldn't that little bugger is so cute!). He had his Elmo doll yesterday and I told him to say "Elmo." His response "Melmo."

Sunday we all went swimming at Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb's pool. It was a little chilly, but Reagan and Nolan enjoyed floating around for a while. I'm sure after a couple of 90 degree days that we are having right now, it will be plenty warm in there!

They also got some up close time with Ginger. Nolan doesn't seem phased by her, but Reagan seems to have a love-hate relationship. She seems to love her, but as soon as she barks or makes a sudden move, Reagan gets frightened. I'm sure she will get used to it though. They are around cats all day and they don't do either of those things! Well, Jeepy (Reagan's current fave) does move suddenly when she sees Reagan coming! LOL

Ginger, the wonder dog

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