Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday, Which Felt Like Sunday

We had a few people over for dinner last night. Awesome, awesome food. Bill smoked some meats, there was cheesy corn, coleslaw, cheesy bread, broccoli salad, cheesy potatoes, and homemade steamed dumplings. Did I mention lots of cheese?!

For dessert there was homemade ice cream.....not one, but two flavors to go with strawberry cheesecake and lemon supreme pie.

John cutting the meat, not the cheese!

Nancy's homemade steamed dumplings with zingy dipping sauce.
There was also a lot of wine. And captain. Yes, after the week I've had I called upon the captain. Little did I know so many others share my love of the captain!

We got up early this morning and hit The Deck (no, not literally) for breakfast. Reagan cleaned up almost a full size pancake and then we headed to see.......GRAMMY!
We got out of the car and when Nolan saw her, I swear he said "Grandma!" Reagan squealed and screamed. I'm sure that made Grammy feel a little better. She was crying a little yesterday because she was missing them.
What is on tap for us this week...... more visits with Grammy, 2 doctor visits for Nolan-- check up at the ENT and the final visit with the plastic surgeon to take the after pictures of his head, maybe story time at the lakefront if I can find someone to go with me (2-3pm Thursday....any takers?!), Friday airshow at Lost Nation Airport (Bill and Uncle Sam are looking forward to exploring the planes with Reagan and Nolan--kind of like seeing them for the first time when you see them through a child's eyes), Saturday is breakfast with Old MacDonald at the Farmpark. ..... hopefully lots of swimming mixed in, maybe a visit to a splash park or two. Who is summer and the possibilities are endless :) If only Mommy's pocketbook and energy had that same characteristic.

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irishgrl said...

Shelley, suddenly the kids' looks have changed -- Reagan looks very much "girly-girl" (the curls starting in the hair) and Nolan looks all-boy! Where'd they get their drivers' licenses? Kids-R-Us?