Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Toddlin' Towards Nature: Get Wet, You Bet!

Aunt Deb and I took Reagan and Nolan to another program at the Metroparks on Monday. The theme is in the title of this post. Anything involving water is fun for the kids and this was no exception.

The program started by talking about animals that live in and around streams and creeks.

All Nolan had to see these frog puppets and that was it. He LOVES puppets.
He walked right up, removed it from Ms. Pat's hand, and gave it a big kiss.

Next the real turtle and salamander made the rounds. Reagan had to be reminded that he might indeed bite so she better watch that finger! Nolan was too busy with his puppet to care about the turtle.

Craft time! "Painting" some fish. Neither of the kids were interested in this. Just out of their scope of things they can/want to do right now.

We moved outside to match up colored fish into the proper bin. Again, a little out of the scope for Reagan and Nolan. However, they did have fun taking all the fish out of the bins and putting them back in. This skill is right on track for them.

Short hike to the stream. Love all the little walkers.

He got away from me and was off and running.

Ah, WATER!!! Reagan sat down in it and Nolan found the deepest possible spot- well over his knees--didn't get a picture of that because I was too busy fishing him out of it. Good thing Mommy was prepared with new clothes and towels.

Back at the school house we played with some plastic fish and moved them from "pond" to "pond." Reagan hooked up with another little boy that loved splashing and they had a blast. Nolan walked around with a fish sticking out of his mouth most of the time. When someone laughed at him, he gave his best Spanky laugh and ran away. My boy, the joker.

Snack and story. Reagan listened to the whole story. She loved it.

Nolan sat for a bit and ate a few cookies, but then had to be on the move.

Seeing the differences between boys and girls first hand is amazing. I hope in the future I can do some one on one activities with the kids. Maybe a weekend where Daddy can take one to do something and I can take the other. They need individual attention as well and they don't get enough of that. I think it would help nurture their strengths and teach them that it is OK to not have the other right by their side all the time.

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