Wednesday, July 16, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

My mom came home yesterday. She is very happy to be there and is doing well. She has in-home therapy several times a week. That could last for up to 6 weeks, if needed, but they anticipate maybe 2-3 weeks and then back to work a couple of weeks after that ends. I have no doubt she will make the goal we set a few weeks ago. We took the kids to the park the day before her surgery and she was having a tough time standing and trying to help me with them on the slide and swings (they don't get the slide just yet, they still want to climb UP it.) She was sad and I told her that we needed to set a goal. In one month we would come back to the park and have a picnic and play. The kids and I went over this afternoon to take some dinner and her friend, Mary, was over loading her up with goodies from Alesci's. Lots of meal size portions of Italian goodness. Heck, it looked so good I might go over there for dinner and forget the sloppy joe's I made! Every once in a while you need a good sloppy joe though. Thanks again to my friends that visited her in rehab and sent cards or flowers. It meant a lot to her, but also to me. There were a couple of rough days in there and you helped us make them brighter.

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