Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Never Buy A Car For It's Color

One of the (many) nuggets I gleamed from my short time on earth with my Dad was to never buy a car for it's color. I did it not once, but twice. Guess I'm a little stubborn.

In 2003, Bill and I walked into a Land Rover dealership and it was love at first sight. It was the ultimate tailgate vehicle for a Browns fan. I had to have it and my CR-V didn't quit make a full recovery from the little run-in we had with the fire hydrant so I was ready for a change.

O.J., as the Land Rover became known as, was hands down the noisiest car I have ever been in. It was a stiff, rough ride. To be honest, I hated it. EXCEPT for Sunday home games Sept-Dec.

Then I loved it.

Hell, everyone loved it.

It was THE party car.

We had everything all ready to go. We'd pull into our usual spot and within 3 minutes the Tiki Bar sign was hung and we were popping champagne. (Yes, we start every tailgate with bubbles.) I can't tell you how many people would stop and ask if I had it painted "browns orange" just for football.

I know our parking lot buddies are going to laugh when we roll up in a mini-van this year, but the joke is on them. We've got tailgate seating in Ole' Blue.

(stock photo- our set up is WAAAAYYY better than this.)

Once the BOGO babies came along, it was clear that O.J. needed to switch from a party car to a family car and it just wasn't big enough. We have been casually trying to sell it for about a year, but it came in handy with the move and construction at the house so we didn't push it. Now that we are in this economic downward spiral it was time to get moving and actively list the car. A kid in Michigan saw it on Auto Trader and fell in love......with the color! He used to race motorcycles until a shoulder surgery sidelined him at the ripe age of 25 last year. His bike was orange.

So, I bid farewell to the last vestige of my pre-baby days today. The door to that party era was pretty much closed, but now it is locked and the key is in Michigan.

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