Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Plane, The Plane

We went to the airshow at Lost Nation Airport this weekend with Uncle Sam & Aunt Deb. It is a small show, but we figured this was a good start for Reagan and Nolan. They won't appreciate the bigger show for a couple of years, but they both show an interest in airplanes (especially Reagan) so we figured they would enjoy it. And we were right!

Houston, We Have A Problem!

Bill, Sam, Reagan, and Nolan had fun exploring. Here is the link to all the pictures I took, just in case you are a plane geek or just want to see some more of my illustrious photos! LOL

Under The Yankee Lady......Bet, not too many can say that!

Checking out the cargo plane

Watching a cool yellow plane land with Aunt Deb

These are two of my new favorite photos. They just capture their personalities and how much they love each other.

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Elsha said...

awww they are little darlings! I love seeing all the photo's! We got your thank you card and photo's ~ thank you so much :o)