Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Whole Lotta Foo(d)

My birthday weekend started with a bang on Friday night.

My mom and her friends, Connie & Mary, came over to watch the kids so Bill and I could have a night out. I was so excited to be getting out with Bill since it has been a long time since he and I have had a "date night." We also got to hang with Greg & Kathy before the Foo Fighters concert and that is always fun.

We started the night at Bar Cento where we never fail to have a great time. We grazed on spring onion pizza, olives, and frites so when it came time to order "dinner" I was pretty full. Since there were no kids around to make a good impression on, I decided to have dessert for dinner. I finally got to try Jeni's ice cream. It did not disappoint. I am all about salt in dessert and the salty caramel ice cream was fabulous.

After dinner we headed over to the Q for the Foo Fighters show. You all know that Dave Grohl is on my list. You know what I mean ;-) Let's just say the spring onion pizza wasn't the only yummy thing Friday night.

He is so HOT. In that dirty rocker kind of way. Mmm...... He also writes some of the best lyrics. Lyrics that stick with me. Hands down Dave is the best screamer in the business. During the concert I told Bill I was going to make his scream my ring tone and Bill could call me over and over and over.

(not the best pics, but hey, it works for me!)

The concert was long, almost 2.5 hours. They could have cut out some of the banter and tightened it up (according to Bill), but frankly, it gave me more time to ogle the man. What was also awesome was that they did an acoustic set on a different stage. That one was right in front of us. Very cool to give everyone in the arena a good view.

Dave is from Warren, OH and his Dad was in the crowd. How cool is that?! I was picturing Nolan up there and imaging how proud I'd be. I had goose bumps, I just can't imagine how his Dad felt.

The Foo have a special place in mine and Bill's life, they are kind of "our" band. One of their songs, Miracle, got me through Nolan's cranio surgery. I wouldn't have wanted to start my birthday weekend any other way. Well, maybe having Dave join us for dinner would have been a plus, but afterall I got to go home with this, so what more could a girl want ;-) (Just kidding, you know I love you, sweetie.)

The fun continued on Saturday. The pchaks4 headed to the Coit Rd. Farmers Market. I needed to get some blueberries to freeze for Reagan and Bill needed to talk to Kevin the Spicehound about a BBQ cookoff he is organizing. Looks like Bill is going to be a judge for it so if you want to participate let us know!

In the afternoon, Deb picked me up and we went to Lakehouse Winery and Grand River Cellars with her friends, Linda & Beth and my friend Mary. We sat outside at Lakehouse and it was windy enough to make some large waves. The sound of the surf was wonderful. The wine was pretty good too. The food at GRC was tasty..... how could anything that is named Porky Pizza be bad! Mary and I parted ways with Deb, Linda, and Beth and we went to see our friend, Brian's, band. Mary and I never to fail to have a good time. I made her laugh so hard water came out her nose. Good times.

Sunday was the actual birthday so the feasting continued. We hit our usual spot for breakfast and then went to the spray park. Nolan had a blast, but Reagan seems to have developed a fear of the spray park. We'll keep trying. She did splash and dance in the puddles. She took a hard fall on the pavement when we left breakfast so maybe she wasn't feeling all that hot either. She has a large knot on her forehead. The sound of her little noggin hitting the pavement was enough to bring me to tears.

We still had dinner left to enjoy at Lolita with my mom, Fred, & Linda. We ate, and ate, and ate. Ricotta dip, pulled pork pizza, prosciutto pizza.....just for apps. I was so full that for dinner I did three sides, green beans, zucchini fritters, and polenta. I was just too full to have a "meal." Of course it didn't end there. Chaty made sure my birthday had a sweet ending. A lovely pot du creme (with more salty goodness!) with a candle. I squeezed into the back of the van and we took a nice route home along Lakeshore Blvd. to relax after dinner.

I have to say, this was one of my most enjoyable birthday I can remember in recent years (of course, there are a couple in there I can't remember so those don't count!) I got to see the hotness of Dave Grohl, eat a ton of food, have family time and alone time, drink some good drinks, but most importantly the weekend was spent with people that mean so much to me.

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Nancy Heller said...

We were out of town - but so glad to see that you had a happy birthday! Many, many more!