Friday, January 4, 2008

5am and all is well

Nolan has been resting pretty well since about midnight with his fingers sticking out of his favorite blankie. His morphine drip kicked in and all his issues with the IV line setting off alarms were resolved, meaning he could get some sleep without being bothered too much. He stirs every so often and itches his face (a side effect of the morphine.) He is much more swollen, from the surgery and also from the IV fluids. His stats are all looking good and his fever (typical after surgery) has come down. The drain seems to be having less work to do since the platelets went it so he must be clotting better now. They are going to come by this morning to remove his head dressing and hopefully he can start on clear liquids and maybe remove one of his IV's--he has one in each hand, one in the foot and one in the neck. I have been dipping his paci in water since his mouth was so dry he couldn't suck. That is kind of a joke since the dressing is mostly off now anyway. He looks a little like the pope with his hat just resting on his head. As for Mommy getting any sleep...... have you tried to sleep on a pad thrown over a window sill? Yeah, not happening. Especially when the cold air is blowing in right up against your back. Nolan's bed looked awful comfy and there was plenty of room at the foot of it, so I decided to give it a shot. I got in horizontally at the foot and rested my feet on a chair. Must have worked since I snoozed for a couple of hours. The nurse told me she came in during that time and thought I looked pretty uncomfortable, but I never stirred so she just left me. As tired as I am, you would think I could have crashed out on that window sill, but I guess not! A mom from my multiples group that works in the PICU stopped in last night to do some paperwork and sat with Nolan while I made a bathroom run and got some juice. It is extremely dry in here so I am just so thirsty. I can't imagine how thirsty my little man is. Note to Bill: Bring something to drink for yourself so you don't have to pay hospital prices for it! Bill said Reagan was extremely happy to see him last night, but she was very tired. She had a busy day playing with Grammy, Paula, Mandy, and Connie. He said he read her bedtime stories (well, actually the same story twice, but they were both so tired neither of them cared!) and she was out. I really miss her and can't wait to see her this afternoon. Bill is going to take a shift with Nolan so I can go home and rest. I hate to leave him, but I need some time with my girl and a good nights rest so I can be ready to take care of Nolan when he moves to the regular floor in a day or two. I hear those rooms have a pull out bed type thing. Cha-Ching! I am so thankful that we had company during the time Nolan was in surgery. Grandpa Fred was with us for just about all of it and several friends, Joey, John, and Amy dropped by at different times. I am so grateful for that. It really helped make the time go faster, although the last 2 hours were just hell for me. When we got the call that surgery was over I felt like it was the first time I took a breath in hours. I'm going to have some of the corned beef John brought us yesterday for breakfast now!

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Susan (Elsha) said...

Shelley & Bill,

I am so glad that Nolan is out of surgery and all went well! He is such a precious little boy!

Prayers, thoughts and hugs (as always)

Susan & Ari