Friday, January 4, 2008

Changing of the Guard

(posted by Bill)
Grammy Judy, Reagan, and I got here about 2p, and we let Grammy sit with Nolan for a while. It took me a second to get used to how Nolan looked. I was totally ok with the closure pictures Shelley posted earlier, as I initially expected a zigzag stitch akin to the southern end of a north-bound Singer. I was more pleased with the wavy, more natural incision. I was not quite used to the amount of swelling, however, even though I knew would happen. It was a bit of a shock (I thought, “Why is Christina Ricci sleeping in Nolan’s bed?”).

Our friend Kay spent time with me, after Shelley went to have some more mommy-time with Reagan and get some rest. We watched the little guy stir a little bit, as they took a blood sample, but they also gave him his Tylenol. He’s been doing so well, that they’ve cut his morphine drip in half. At 5p, I fed him 4oz of Enfamil, which was his first real food! Not quite a beef-cheek pierogi, or a chilaquile, but I’m sure it was just fine. At shift change, our night PICU nurse Stephanie figured he was hungry, so we let him chug down THREE bottles, and that took less than 10 minutes. He just finshed, had his after-dinner paci, and is drifting back off.

Mommy was just putting Reagan to bed, and then had to take care of a small emergency. It appears that Boxster, our middle kitty, spent a “day in the big city”. The back door was open for a little while this morning, and she took the opportunity to make a brief sojourn. This was her first jail break in 11 years, and couldn’t have come at a worse time. She was found curled under the smoker, after Shelley followed the paw prints in the snow (don’t they teach you to wade up-stream in E and E school?). She’s now inside, warm and wolfing down crunchies.

While Nolan drifts off, I'm having a bite (Subway veggie on honey oat with a side of McD's trans fat sticks-the Enfamil is starting to look pretty good).

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nepal said...

Thank you for the update. I just wanted to check in before heading off to bed.

Give Nolan a kiss goodnight for me!

Hang in there you guys! You are doing great!