Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crib, For A Bit

Nolan slept in his crib from 8p-2a! It is a start. I gave him some tylenol and I tried to get him back to sleep, but that was not going to happen. He actually woke Reagan up (who I think is cutting a tooth, so she was restless anyway) and she would not go back to sleep either. Everyone ended up in bed together. All 7 of us. Yes, all the cats were there too! Nolan's eye appointment is going to last 4 hours or longer on Thursday. God, give me strength.

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Nancy said...

My right eye was weak as a kid, and always turned in. They fixed it with "eye exercises" that were annoying, but not painful!

Hope it all works out ok for Nolan.

Hugs- Nancy and Bob