Monday, January 21, 2008

Cabin Fever

Yes, I know I live in the "Snow Belt" and the cold and snow were bound to happen, but this year it is harder. If I want to go anywhere during the day, I not only have get myself dressed like I'm going on extended deep sea diving, I have two other people to do the same to. Two squirmy, squiggly, little people (that weigh close to 20 lbs EACH) who HATE mittens.

I'm fairly sure the kids don't have cabin fever. Probably going to a different room in the house is like going on a vacation for them. They get in the kitchen sink for a bath and it is like sitting pool side in Cabo. No, they don't have cabin fever.

I do.

We used to get out every day, but I just can't drag them out in this. Do you know how hard it is to push a double stroller through slush? I'm considering taking them to the Cleveland Clinic just to walk around. You park inside in a garage (no slush) and you can walk for miles without having to go outside. But there is the germ factor to consider. It is, afterall, a hospital!

I think tomorrow we will check out our basement. There is enough sawdust on the floor from the construction this past weekend that we can pretend we are at the O-K corral.

We don't have follow-ups at the Clinic for a couple of weeks, but I figure I'll post updates on the kids here if you are interested in checking in.

Here are a couple of photos of the kids looking outside at the snow and the squirrels playing in the backyard.

Nolan's incision is healing nicely and the hair is coming in quicker than I imagined it would!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I remember those days ... longing to get out but hating the preparation of two kids ... or trying to get the double jogging stroller through the sidewalks --- even up to Heinen's or Jack's Deli ...

Being away from it for a couple years, though, you really do miss it! Never feels like the holidays here ... how could it when it's 60 degrees out!

Anywho, glad everyone is getting back to "normal"!!! HA!

Love Ya!