Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Working on Normal

Our first night home was fairly uneventful.

Nolan must have some pain because he cries more than usual, which was almost never and wants to be held a lot. He also did not want to sleep in his crib. Honestly, I wanted him close to me anyway so we set up a bed for him between Bill and I. He slept well for the most part, but around 5:30am was trying to find a comfortable spot so maybe the stitches are bugging him. The incision has a lot of bruising today. A good sign of healing going on, but we'll have to watch when he needs his meds.
Even though Nolan was released with "No Restrictions." Daddy and I leery of letting him go down on the floor and play. We are just so afraid he will bumps heads with Reagan or a toy and hurt himself. He is not happy about this since we have him confined to a bumbo chair and he wants out. I guess we'll have to let him out sometime, like when he is 2! Gee, where is the bubble wrap when you need it! LOL

Reagan slept all night, in her bed, with no "issues." Hopefully she is getting past the worst of the bug. She doesn't want to eat too much, but that has been the case lately. She recently learned the word "blech" and makes a face like we are feeding her worms.
Reagan's latest thing is her tongue. It is very interesting to her. It can roll, do raspberries, blow spit, and stick out all the time. Kind of fits her personality, I'd say.
It was nice to sit down as a family last night and eat dinner. A couple of days ago a co-worker of my mom's made us lasagna, bruschetta, fruit, cookies, and banana bread so we had that last night. I also took the banana bread to the hospital for breakfast, along with the shortbread cookies Jan made. Much better than the pan of fluffy "egg product" they were serving in the cafeteria. I do admit to having them with my guilty pleasure, an iced vanilla coffee from McDonalds.
It is bath time for Nolan, time to wash off the hospital ick.


Anonymous said...

I was going to email you to check on your first night home, but checked the blog first. Nolan looks even better today!! Little Miss. Princess seems to have gotten her color back...hopefully you are done with the tummy bugs for a long time! I'm glad things are going well, and as always, if you need anything...

Anonymous said...

I am so happy Nolan is home and that Reagan stomach is feeling better. If you need anything, let us know. Jared can't wait to play with the twins!

- Brenda, Justin and Jared