Saturday, January 12, 2008

Where oh Where Has My Nolan Gone?

It is getting harder and harder to see Nolan being so out of character. He was always so happy-go-lucky. My easy baby. He would get into his crib, pull his blanket up, and close his eyes.... and stay that way for 10-12 hours. Now he whines if I'm not holding him. He refuses to sleep in his crib. It is in arms or nothing. He has a couple of hours a day where I see glimpses of my Nolan. I know he has been through so much in a the past 9 days. I know he is probably still feeling pain. It is just so hard to see him this way. Reagan has decided that now is a good time to reinstitute her high pitch squeal/scream that upsets Nolan even more. I feel guilty that Reagan isn't getting as much Mommy time as she should be. If I didn't have the jacuzzi bathtub to relax in for an hour a couple of nights a week, I'm sure you'd be reading about me losing my marbles! Calgon, take me away.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry Nolan is acting out of character. I am sure it is only temporary and you will soon have your easy-going little one back soon. Isn't it like a sister to intentionally annoy her brother? If you need anything, please let us know. *hugs*

- Brenda, Justin and Jared

Anonymous said...

Shelley and Bill,
He's there. He's just waiting for his head to forget what's been happening to it. As for Reagan - well, she's just trying to say, "Where oh Where has my Nolan Gone? I want this one to know that crying is my gig, so I'll annoy him awhile." It's not the last time they will intentionally get on each other's nerves, and thereby on Mommy's and Daddy's
nerves. If he were a singleton you would only have half the trouble right now -- but half the fun too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys.

He's just a bit needy right now - an rightfully so. He'll be back to your happy little guy in no time at all!

As for Reagan ... what can you say ... she's a girl! Not enough attention, hmmm...let me find a way!!

We're thinking about you an hoping everything gets back to normal again soon!

Cat, Andrew, Zoe & Evan

Nancy Heller said...

Just back from Florida and so glad that the family is all home and together. Wishing you "back to normals"!!

Nancy and Bob