Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beans, Beans, the Magical

(posted by Bill) …wha? Sorry, wrong beans, sir. Since Nolan is still sleeping peacefully today, I thought that I would fire off a rant in defense of those poor souls who are subjugated to drink the horrid dreck that serves as coffee here at the Clinic. Trust me, I am as far from being a coffee snob as you can get. I mainly purchase whatever is on sale (e.g., Maxwell House) for consumption at home, but certainly enjoy freshly ground and brewed, high-quality coffee, especially from a great place such as City Roast, which always compliments a trip to WSM*. Additionally, I always have an after dinner coffee at Momocho. Chef Eric features Guatemalan (or is it Honduran? Juan Valdez weeps.) beans, but adds a dash of Vietnamese cinnamon, and a ½ tsp. of raw/brown sugar. For someone who has always taken their coffee unadulterated, I find this coffee divine. Anyway, my choices here are horrid. Some awful “branded” coffee in the “international cafe” (don’t get me started on that- just ‘cuz Micky D’s spread across the globe like the bird flu, or helped bring down the Berlin Wall, doesn’t make it international ) that consistently tastes as if the grounds are used twice per pot, and Tarbucks. When will these “Sandinistas” learn that the beans should come out of the roaster before they burn? Sadly, this was the lesser of evils, so I tried fixing it by using Chef Eric’s trick. The cup took as much (regular) cinnamon, and raw sugar as I put in a pot at home, before drinkable. How these dedicated healthcare professionals work under such a strain is beyond me. Grrr. Mommy’s here to take care of Nolan, so I’ll put away my spleen now. *West Side Market

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AMFM said...

yeah - the trick with them is lots of cream (which i fancy) but if you drink it black their coffee is quite painful. :) good luck!