Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Daddy, Can You Spare A Dimebag?

Ok, since it will be a couple of more weeks until Nolan goes to see the neuro and plastic surgeons, I'm going to keep you entertained with the stupidity that is our life.

This afternoon, my mom and I packed up the kids and met Bill and his mom at the Winking Lizard for dinner. We left the restaurant at the same time and it should have taken Bill an extra 15 minutes or so to drop his mom off and come home to help with the kids bedtime ritual of bottle, PJ's, floor playtime (they are CRAWLING! It happened overnight, I swear!), a story, and then into their sleeping sacks for lights out. Almost an hour goes by and no Bill. The phone rings. It is Bill, or as he said, Hello, I am a suspected drug dealer!!!! WTF??????

A little back story..... Bill's mom lives in a not-so-nice part of town. She has lived there a long time and was there long before it went south. We generally go to her neighborhood to pick her up for dinner, holidays, etc otherwise that is not a place I take the kids to just hang out. Bill is currently driving my (sniff, sniff) Orange (Cleveland Browns Orange) Land Rover. We have picked her up many times in that vehicle over the past 5 years.

As Bill is leaving her house tonight and is about to get on the freeway, the 5-0 come rolling up behind him. License and registration, please sir. What did I do? Sir, just stay in the vehicle.......

Turns out our vehicle was pinned for suspicious activity related to the sale of drugs in the neighborhood since it has been seen coming and going from the townhouse complex that Bill's mom lives in.

Glad to see the cities finest would think an alleged drug dealer would drive a freakin' ORANGE Land Rover and be dropping a little lady at her front door.

Wonder what will happen the next time I go over there in the Audi. Better have my papers in order!

(Bill Comments: it was actually more of suspicion of buying, not selling. I assume that they are targeting folks who get off the freeway, swoop into the neighborhood, and hop back on. A car that doesn't belong in the hood is easier to notice, and tag for a quick license and reg check. A satisfactory reason was good enoughfor them, and no third degree).

The kids are getting better at picking up finger foods and getting them into their mouths, so we let them try a french fry tonight.... MMMMM


Nancy Heller said...

First French Fries - can Blue Egg Ravioli be far behind?

Anonymous said...

Doing what I do for a living, I can't imagine how any cop would think Bill was doing either selling or buying by just dropping Mom at her house. That is just nuts. If one of my 5-0s did that, I would have a serious talk with their superior! Anyway, I am glad the kids are crawling. Jared has been doing that since Christmas and NOTHING is safe from his little hands!

- Brenda, Justin and Jared

Anonymous said...

Poor starving children. Look at those fat cheeks! They look like you have blown air into them! Oh my gosh! It sure would have been funny had they been in the car with Bill, when he was stopped!

Maybe they were hiding something there! LOL!

I can't wait to give a little pinch...just a little one.

Love, Nonnie Linda

Elsha said...

Love the pic of Nolan with a chip hanging out of his mouth! Too funny!