Tuesday, January 8, 2008

There's No Place Like......

HOME! We are busting out of here today! Gwyneth, from neurosurgery, was by already this AM and gave us the pain med prescription and gave Nolan a once over and declared him ready to go. Plastic surgery needs to clear him, but when they took the drain out last night, he said he was fine with him going home. Everyone on the neurosurgery and plastics teams have been so kind and good with Nolan. Nolan (and Mommy ) rested in spurts last night. He would have probably slept longer if they hadn't come in to take his blood pressure and temp. every few hours. I hope Reagan & Daddy had a restful night. We are packed and ready, although Daddy will need to bring another backpack for the toys we've accumulated over the past two days. They say we will be out of here between 10am-noon, so the next update will be from home!

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