Friday, January 4, 2008

Home Front

(post by Bill)
This morning, All is Quiet on the Eastlake Front. The normal routine at home is in place as much as it can be, given the circumstances. On Fridays, I work from home, so I’m involved in the kids’ activities. I got Reagan up, fed her, and am letting her get in some energy-burning play time, and a little TV. She does not have any interest in assisting in daddy’s work, as she finds SpongeBob Squarepants and the Backyardigans much more stimulating than either RFID or the .NET Framework. Hopefully, this will keep her from missing her “little” brother (subject to interpretation, though technically correct, as Reagan is one minute older). I put Nolan’s sleeping bag in her crib, and she was clutching it instead of her blanket when I checked on her last night. While only eight months old, I’m sure both twins realize that the other is “missing” at some level. Reagan was looking toward Nolan’s crib, expecting him to be chatting away as usual, and expected him to show up in his highchair at breakfast. Hopefully, they will get to visit soon, when Nolan gets moved to a regular room. Here’s a temporary pic of Reagan form this morning off my phone camera (until I can get a better one off the real camera card using a reader). As many of you know, Reagan can exhibit a very stern look when it comes to her expressions. Although a very sweet, happy baby, she is known for her occasional scowl (with shaking fist) that will stop people in her tracks. I was happy to catch “Baby Krushchev” in an action pose (I swear I will post a happy picture as well!).


Anonymous said...

Ah, the Polewchak blood runs deep!!!

You are an amazing parent Billy! Nolan & Reagan are so lucky to have you as their daddy.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Reagan misses Nolan and Mommy, but she sure is lucky to have a great daddy like you!
Lori A.

Anonymous said...

We're so pleased that Nolan is making good progress today, even though it hurts my heart to see those puffy eyes and that snake across the top of his sweet head. But these are all temporary.

And I have to smile at serious and determined to manage her environment. You are all lucky to have one another! And Fred and I send you our love and lots of hugs. Linda