Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Positive Steps

Nolan slept in his crib until 6am! He did have trouble about an hour after going down for the night, but that started weeks before his surgery..... he'd just drift off and then cry. Bill did a good job of getting him settled after about 30 minutes. At 6a he was ready to get up and from what I was hearing on the monitor I could tell it was starting to interrupt Reagan's sleep so Nolan and I got up and watched TV for a bit and he drifted back off until Reagan woke up.

Reagan LOVED her breakfast this morning. I mixed a little maple syrup in with multi-gran cereal and bananas. She finished Nolan's off. Now that is a switch. Nolan is back to eating well too, had to be the codeine.

Nolan is playing more and more. I'm sure he is getting strength back. We have to remember this poor kid had most of the blood in his body transfused (2 units) and he received platelets after the surgery so he has a lot to rebound from. Judging from what other "cranio" parents have experienced post-op, what we are going through is completely normal. Most of them said total normalcy returned about 4 weeks post-op, so we are half-way there. We also have to be careful of his play since his soft spot is larger now. Dr. Papay offered a soft-sided helmet to help protect his head a bit, but we think it will cause more harm than good. Our house is pretty childproof and we never leave them alone on the floor so we will just be more vigilant.

Bill and I are so grateful for these two little miracles in our lives. And as my friend Nancy, a Grandma of twin girls, said, "If he were a singleton you would only have half the trouble right now -- but half the fun too." SO true. I couldn't imagine just getting half the smiles and kisses I get every day!

A funny side note. As you know, I LOVE my jacuzzi tub. Last night I get all settled in and get the water to just my liking. I go to turn off the faucet, turn the handle all the way to the right and it is still running.....full blast in the off position!!!! I can't even take a bath in peace, you just have to laugh!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good report except for the faucet handle ;)
God knows you have a good sense of humor!
Hugs and prayers,
Lori A.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, I have just taken the time to read through all of the blogs as I was a little behind the times but praying every day for all of you as usual, I just want to say what an episode you all have been able to survive and I am so grateful for that, Nolan seems to be doing fantastic and Reagan is as adorable as ever, I have to tell you that family and friends are everything in situations like these. You and Bill are amazing parents Shelley. My emotions were running so high reading these blogs and I even teared up looking at baby Nolan and his swollen eyes and stitches and time really does heal us, it was amazing in one day how much he seemed to heal. I know it seems you have to climb another mountain with his eyes now but with your strength as a family you will all get through this one too, please know I am always hear to lend an ear as well or do anything I can to help even from Indiana. I will continue with my prays and please know how grateful I am to be part of your life still and I know your dad is smiling for you all too! all my love Danielle Stoldt :-)