Sunday, January 27, 2008

Busy Babies

Reagan and Nolan have had a busy few days. Grammy was around to help out and Daddy wanted us out of the house so he could get to building the wine cellar in peace so we took to the road.

On Friday, my Mom and I took the kids to the West Side Market. It was cold. Really cold, but we managed. It was good to see some of the vendors we haven't seen in so long. They were beginning to wonder what happened to us. We also did a trial run to Sokolowski's University Inn because she had a party there the next night and wasn't sure about how to get there. The line was out the door for lunch and I wasn't making the babies wait, so we headed to a local place on the way home. The chicken noodle soup was excellent. The kids loved it too! They are becoming such good eaters, almost too good in that they don't want to drink their formula or eat "baby" food.

Saturday, I had some errands to run, so my mom offered to stay in the car with the kids while I ran in and out of places. Again getting us out of the house and leaving Bill to pound and saw away. We had soup/sandwich combo at Max & Erma's for lunch. Again the kids ate more table food then "baby" food.

Saturday night we went to Carrie Cerino's with friends to celebrate Nolan's speedy recovery. The kids continue to do so well in restaurants. They can be occupied with food now so that helps the cause. We always get compliments from strangers on how well behaved they are. We are very proud of that and hope it continues. It is my vision that Reagan and Nolan will be dining at Lola for their 5th birthday. If their manners continue, that goal will be easily attainable.

A few photos from the last couple of days:

Like mother, like daughter. Reagan loves to read. She opens the book and "talks" to it. Note the leg, it is always up when she reads!

Now that Nolan is on the move, nothing is safe. He has given his exersaucer a very thorough exam.

Nolan & Reagan enjoying some leftover spaghetti from Carrie Cerino's

Visiting Grammy's work. They don't have many "matching" clothes, but we just loved these sweaters and I was able to find them at Once Upon A Child, the local resale shop for a great bargain. Since they were both there, I figured it was an omen and I had to buy them ;-)

Tribe fans will understand the pain I felt when we drove past THE JAKE last week and the sign was down. Progressive Field should adorn the entrance by opening day, which is just two months away!

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Anonymous said...

Hey S- cousin, Glad the twins and parents are doing well! My mom has been talkin to ur mom and keepin me in the loop. We need to get together again soon! Miss ya guys. T-Cousin