Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yes, another medical term we'd never heard of until today. In this case, it is pretty good news.

Nolan has Pseudostrabismus, meaning he really does not have cross-eyes, just the appearance of them (or as Bill calls it "Lucy Liu Syndrome.") That is right, it is all an illusion. (Gee, why can't that be the case for my thighs!)

They did find that he has astigmatism though and will need to be rechecked in 4 months. He could possibly need glasses if he doesn't grow out of it. How in the heck do you keep glasses on a 12 month old?!?!?

Ready to hit the road for the eye doc:

(Bill adds:)
Note Nolan's cap-he can pretend that he's a tailgunner in a B-17, just like the old man did back in the day (except the old man was able to freely sit in the back of the station wagon-like millions of other children who suffered no ill effects-without intervention from the children's services nazi's and dellusional politicians who go way out of their way to protect the weakest parts of the gene pool from themselves, but I digress). However, Nolan's ride is more like a B-52, than a B-17,

Naturally, I was happy with Nolan's outcome as well. I had previously subscribed to this "Lucy Liu" line of thinking about his eyes, until we found out about Nolan's craniosynestosis, and that eye issues are common. What a relief that there wasn't anything serious! Since both eyes have the same level of astigmatism, I am hoping that he will grow out of it. After some checking, I found that 3 in 10 kids have this, to some varying degree. Since his horizontal plane is off (based on what the doc was noting, -1.75 +2.0 at 90 deg), perhaps he'll shake it.

It was such great news, that we were able to celebrate with our friends John and Jan at one of our favorite joints, Momocho in the OC*. For those who have not had the pleasure of going there, this is not your normal run for the border. One of my favotrite dishes is the "chilaquiles" (smoked trout and crab layered in tortillas with a fried egg on top) The margaritas are outrageous (my faves are the pomegranite, hibiscus, and cucumber), and the the guac is to die for. Shelley has been craving it for weeks. We got our favorites pineapple/habeneros, blue cheese/garlic, goat cheese/chile. We assume that they are Nolan's as well.

It's great to get Nolan and Reagan out and about again. Between the surgery and the non-stop work on the house this fall, we've been a bit remiss in the babies' fine dining adventures. While we did get to Carrie Cerinos before the Holidays, we have yet to try Bar Cento, and we haven't been able to go see Chef Matt (or maybe Michael) at Lolita.

*Ohio City

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