Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One For The Road

We are waiting on our ride......Paula is coming to pick us up since Miss Reagan had a very rough night and Bill is calling the doctor this morning for her. Sigh.
Nolan is watching the backyardigans and is ready to blow this pop stand!


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO!!!What fantastic news that Nolan is going home (and on your Dad's birthday too, Shel!) Sarah was SO excited to see today's picture and see Nolan smiling and dressed in his coat. "He's all better now!" she said. :)
Now we will be saying prayers for Reagan. Please let us know if you need anything!!!
Love, Lori A.

Anonymous said...


I love his picture and he is looking as cute as ever. Hope poor Reagan is feeling better.

Sandy (momto3over3 - DWLZ)