Sunday, January 6, 2008

Movin' On Down!

Nolan's night was fairly uneventful. He is propped up more at the head of the bed to help with swelling so this allowed me some room to sleep next to Nolan. It was so good to feel his hands playing with my hair and reaching for me. I can't explain how much I miss holding him. Again, I am so lucky that he is a twin because I get my baby fix every 24 hours. Most of the other parents in here don't have that luxury. Nolan was agitated this morning. I think he is having gas pains caused by the morphine. Since he can't tell me if that is what it is, I'm not taking any chances that he is in pain. He got more morphine and is resting comfortably. I've got some apple juice to give him when he wakes and maybe that will help him get things moving. We are supposed to be moving out of the PICU today to the step-down floor. That means Nolan can get more of this monitoring equipment off of him and possible another IV line can go. He was really pulling at them when he was upset. The swelling..... ah, the swelling. They keep telling me that the peak is 48-72 hours so we are right there. It was very bad overnight, but it seems to be a bit better. Hopefully we have turned the corner. The eyes being swelled shut is so frustrating for him. Here is a pic from this morning. The drain needs to remain in place another day. They want the output at 1/2 ounce and his was 1.5 ounces for the day. It has slowed down considerably so I'm thinking we will hit that mark. As for me, I actually got sleep in spurts. Nolan woke every two hours or so for milk, meds, or labs and I don't feel too bad. As long as the doctors are happy with Nolan's progress than Mommy is happy. Daddy and Reagan were having some play time this morning when I called. Reagan was spinning around in her activity center (aka "command center" since it looks like she is at the helm of the Battlestar Galactica). If we move early enough in the day she may get to see Nolan.


Anonymous said...

From my perspective, Nolan does look a bit less round, Shelly. But, still, it hurts my heart to see those dancing eyes closed...and not to have his usual smile! The Big however, is that his "ridge" is gone. And it's obvious that a bunch of "lines" are gone as well. Glad he is improving, even though it is in baby steps. You will see bigger ones soon, I am sure. Lots of prayers are out there for him; all the positive energy is coming his way. Just wait until his sister gets there!

Please feel free to call or Bill...if we can bring you anything. We're not far away and we're very free. And healthy. Finally.

Lots of love, Linda
This child is just 7.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I should have re-read my post. The Big however, should be the Big silly...and down below my close...I had removed a brief story about our New Jersy grandson whose upper left arm was badly broken yesterday morning in wrestling...compound fracture. It took 12 hours of waiting in the E.R. of a big Medical Center...for a pediatric ortho-pod to appear!!!!

Linda, again
Surgery at midnight for an early a.m. accident, if you please.

I love living in Cleveland, don't you?????