Monday, January 7, 2008

Whatchu lookin' at?

(posted by Bill)

Last night was a little difficult, but only from the standpoint that Nolan is starting to become very active! He is kicking, and pulling on things, and is only sleeping in spurts. Most importantly, there are now two little slits under puffy eyelids, that have the hint of blue shining through. Nolan is now able to see, and everything is interesting again. Hopefully, the drain in his neck is removed today (as well as the IV in his foot) before our young, budding medical professional (I'm hoping for teleradiologist-those guys really haul in the coin) removes them himself. The swelling should continue to go away as well.

Dr. Lucciano, the neurosurgeon, stopped in this a.m., and I was happy to see him. He is still extremely pleased with how Nolan is doing. He thinks that, underneath the swelling, Nolan now more closely resembles Reagan.

We're hoping that he will be able go home in the next couple of days.


shell said...

There's my boy!!!!!! Mommy can't wait to get to the hospital so we can SEE each other today. I'm sure he is tired of me telling him I'm there and he is OK. I jumped out of bed and ran to check the blog and I am so happy! Makes the drama of Reagan's projectile barfing last night go away.

Anonymous said...

Great news!! It won't be long now. We are thrilled for you.

Anonymous said...

He looks so much better! I'm astonished at the change from yesterday. His face has a different shape now and his eyes seem to be farther apart. How very wonderful.

Sorry you had a mess with Reagan. Hopefully it was more emotional and not "the" bug hitting her.

With a little luck, you are in the home stretch now, we sure hope. Everyone has to be totally exhausted. Lots of love from Fred & Linda

Anonymous said...

TERRIFIC news....the swellling is fading, so HAPPY to hear all is going so well, and Nolan looks Great:)

Sorry to hear Reagan is ill, I hope she is feeling better this PM. Fingers and toes crossed xxxx.

Hugs(OOOO)and Kisses(XXXX)to you all, I hope Nolan will be home very soon.

We Love you, AC & UB

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful news that the swelling is going down and Nolan can see Mommy and Daddy again!!! :) Hope that Reagan is feeling better today too.
Love, Lori A.

Anonymous said...

We are glad Nolan is doing better. Sorry Reagan was sick last night! I can't believe how much better Nolan is looking today from yesterday's photos! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on his recovery. Continued prayers and thoughts from Columbus.

- Brenda, Justin and Jared

sjastr said...

Looking forward to a new update, glad things are getting better everyday !
We really feel for you guys!
Love, Sheilah and John

ohiohoney said...

Nolan looks great - the swelling will cease and he'll be back to his sweet handsome self in no time...he's playing with his toys and eager to see his sister!!!

Poor little Reagan...she will be better, as she misses her brother!

Sheb, how did you like harry potter? You crack me up!

The weather is incredible! With Grandpa's b-day tomorrow --- believe me, all will be wonderful!

Enjoy a super evening and keep the great blogs a'comin!